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Sahih Muslim

The Book on Government

كتاب الإمارة

وَحَدَّثَنَا مُحَمَّدُ بْنُ الْمُثَنَّى، حَدَّثَنَا مُحَمَّدُ بْنُ جَعْفَرٍ، ح وَحَدَّثَنَا عُبَيْدُ اللَّهِ بْنُ مُعَاذٍ، حَدَّثَنَا أَبِي قَالاَ، جَمِيعًا حَدَّثَنَا شُعْبَةُ، عَنْ مُحَارِبٍ، عَنْ جَابِرٍ، عَنِ النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم بِكَرَاهَةِ الطُّرُوقِ وَلَمْ يَذْكُرْ يَتَخَوَّنُهُمْ أَوْ يَلْتَمِسُ عَثَرَاتِهِمْ ‏.‏

A version of the tradition narrated on the authority of Jabir (but through a different chain of transmitters) mentions the undesirability of coining to one's house like a night visitor, but does not contain the words: " Doubting their fidelity or spying into their lapses." Translation Not Available

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Book reference: Sahih Muslim Book 33 Hadith no 4731
Web reference: Sahih Muslim Book 20 Hadith no 715 ad

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